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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, new to this gam so a hello to start off and here's hoping for some advice from you guys and gals to help me through the minefield that is audio seperates. I'm starting to build a system up from scratch , somehting i'm sure you have all done but like many i'm on a sensible limited budget. I managed to get some BX2 speakers from MA and a good price from E bay , complete with floor stands . That s was after reaing some good reports on them as a sensible entry level speaker. After some odd looks from my children on why i've bought things that dont work on their own ( but dad theres nothing coming out of them ) I'm not looking for the rest. What i'm looking for on here is peoples thoughts on buying secondhand items that are still good quality, just not ' fashionable' an the latest things.I'm hoping that with some sensible buying i can get some gear that people are looking to upgrade from. I'm hoping you lot can steer me inthe right direction ! Any help or advice will be great thanks. Will be looking for Amp DAB with Wifi turntable ( i'm an 80's boy ) CD player Stand.


I'd like to get the amp , table and tuner sorted for under £1000. Yes i know it's not much to what some spend on here but hey.............. we all have to start somewhere.

I'm thinking with good advice and some secondhand prices i could sort myself out maybe ?


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Dec 8, 2010
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If you're looking for stereo, this has networking, internet radio (better or equivilant bitrate than DAB I think) and is a pretty good amp, can't say how well it will work with the BX2's though.


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Squeezebox Touch - £250 or less - will cover streaming duties and internet radio. No need then for DAB.

Rega RP1 Performance Pack turntable £300

Marantz PM6004 or NAD C326BEE amp - £300

£850 total, leaving some money left over towards a CD player. Possibly a NAD C515BEE for approx £200, or pick up a second hand Marantz CD63SE, Rotel RCD965BX or similar for approx £100 or less.


Marantz M-CR603 approx £450, giving CD, DAB streaming etc. and a very capable amp section.

Rega RP1 Performance Pack £300

Cambridge Audio 640P phono stage - £100 or less.

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Got another reshuffle on the go Matthew? Seems like a wholesale clearout given the absence of kit in the Signature line there!

To the OP, you should be able to hit the ground running for your budget. In addition to the aforementioned, check out Onkyo's TX8050, you should be able to land this for £250 new, it has network connectivity so internet radio is provided along with an FM/AM standard radio and a recent firmware upgrade delivered Spotify functionality, four onboard digital inputs and sound is impressive, not least thanks to the 100w amp that'll drive your speakers with ease.

Soundwise, it's neutral to slightly warm but with plenty of detail. An easy listen. I've had mine for a few months now and have been round the amp houses in recent years. Onkyo did well with this little beauty. Originally £400 when it came out last year. Actually, Superfi are doing 10% off until midnight tonight (Monday 10/04), so you'd be able to get it for £225 and they ship free.

Turntable - I'd lean towards new, or at least ex-dem with a deck in preference to secondhand, so something like a Rega RP-1 for £230, or a P3 for around similar, or less money. There are many good cartridges for under £60 that will get you going for now - Nagaoka MP-11 which is still less than £25 I think, Audio Technica's AT95E around £36, Goldring's Elektra is about £50. And so on. So, you're sitting at around £500 so far.

CDP - Harman Kardon HD990 - originally £500, now can be had for £300 or less (I've seen it for £250 or so). Great player - lovely detail, fine bass and also takes digital inputs too. Or shop around and find something else that fits the bill for your budget.

Cables - Multistrand OFC copper (I use 400+ strand) which you should get all-in for less than £20, and interconnects which are the subject of endless arguments, but in my case I'd recommend making up your own mind. I went from very expensive down to a pair that cost me £8 and they're absolutely fine.

So, £250 for receiver, £300 for the turntable/cartridge, £250-300 for the digital source, £30 for cables. £880 and money left over for a pint and a curry. Or two.