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Advice for a beginner / novice - been offered a good deal ?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Hello all, I am a bit of a newbie to all this and have not had a great deal of experience in choosing separates etc. I have always wanted to get into it but have not had the money etc. So with this in mind I am looking for some guidance on a few things. Basically, a friend of mine is quite into his hifi and has been for a while. He has recently decided to sell all his old kit and upgrade, so he called me yesterday and asked if I would be interested in it for a good price. He has offered me the following:

Marantz CD6000 OSE – CD Player

Marantz SR4200 - A/V Surround Receiver

Marantz PM7200 - Class A/B Stereo Amp

B&W 602 S2 – Stand Mount Speakers

B&W LCR60 S3 – Centre Speaker

Eltax Symphony 8.2 Floorstander Speakers

Eltax – Stand/Wall Mount Rears

Atacama Nexus 6i Speaker stands

Optimum Glass Rack

I think the total cost was around £2k for this set-up originally, and he is asking for £400-£450 for the lot for a quick sale, he was going to list on eBay but gave me first option. I know it's all maybe quite old now I guess but it's all is very good condition and boxed with manuals / remotes etc. He has similar musical tastes to me (house, trance, chilled-out euphoric, breakbeat etc.) so I guess it will all have been chosen with his tastes in mind etc so should be quite well matched ? I guess what I am asking is if the above is good together as a package and a sensible choice for a beginner ?

I also have my original Sony STR DB830 A/V unit, if I bought the above gear, am I best to keep the Sony or should I just sell it on and use the Marantz SR4200 ? I do watch a lot of films as well and I find the Sony use gives so much realism that I'm not sure could be matched by the Marantz unit.

I know that the Eltax floorstanders don't have that great a reputation, but I have heard that B&W 603 S2s are good and would be well-matched to the existing B&W's and are available for reasonable cash s/hand. As far as subs go I was budgeting around £200-£250 and was considering either the Wharfedale Diamond SW150 or the MJ Acoustics Pro 50 MkII. My room dimensions are about 15" by 20".

Any advice or pointers would be much appreciated, Many thanks.


If you're looking for a complete system I'd say snap his hand off at £400.