ACS T Series custom earphones: worth the cash?


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Feb 15, 2011
Previously on this forum I sought advice on a pair of closed back phones to listen to my iPod while travelling on the train (Apple Lossless files). This is the bulk of my listening time, although I sometimes have time in the evenings to listen to my Cyrus 8-based system.

Music-wise I'll listen to most things, apart from classical.

Following advice and my own research, I'd settled on Beyerdynamic T70ps. However, before taking the plunge I've started seeing excellent reviews of ACS custom earphones, and I could probably push the financial boat out (plus my birthday is coming up) and go for a pair of those.

But, is this is a complete waste of cash given that most of my listening is on the move? Background noise, etc.. Or would they isolate enough to make it worthwhile?

For the home listening I'll do, would closed backs always trump in ears at the same price level?

Obviously part of the problem is that I can't (as far as I know) go and demo a pair of ACS T1s.

Any thoughts / advice / other ideas are very welcome.

Many thanks.


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Feb 12, 2011
I can't comment on the ACS custom earphones, but I have ACS custom sleeves for my Senn IE8's. They blew me away. Perfect for travelling even in the noisiest enviroments, they will never fall out or need wiggling back into your ear like buds, much less volume needed and consequently less tiring. It amazes me that WHF haven't picked up on them tbh.

I can only imagine that the T1's are even better.


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Nov 14, 2007
If you are going down this route, look at JH Audio, Ultimate Ears, and Westones.

Handheld Audio just outside London have some of these as universal models for you to try before you burn your credit card to a crisp :rofl:

I have JH16s and I love them to bits. Normal IEMs just sound awful now that I have experienced the dark side!


There are plenty of very good options depending on what sound signature you want. Check out the many custom IEMs reviewed here, many of which come from Europe. I personally feel custom IEMs are worth the expendature, including the T1, which is on the warmer side with great imaging, plenty of bass, and great extension. The midrange is a bit forward, but not too much like a Shure, and the detail levels are quite good.

Custom IEMs do isolate quite well, and depending on the background noise levels and the volume level of your music, you could be quite well isolated.

For home listening, it depends on what traits you prefer to determine which is better as custom IEMs are usually more coherent from left to right, but headphones are more open and expansive. It may take some time to get used to the sound of an IEM, but many people that do prefer custom IEMs over high end headphones. Plus, custom IEMs are usually easier to drive than a high end headphone, saving you money!


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Jan 14, 2012
This is a little late but maybe I should still give my opinon. I have the T1 Live and they are just incredible (Better be considering the crazy high price). When I first got them I really considered selling my full sized LCD-2 to pocket some extra cash. It's not as good of course but the gap isn't as large as I thought it would be which is amazing as they are one of the best headphones you can buy.

Something to keep in mind is comfort. Those other iems have an acrylic shell and one would think that will have a negative effet on comfort (Westone's ES5 has some cool material for the part going into the ear canal for extra comfort while the rest is acrylic but these iems are 1k so ya). The ACS monitors are incredibly comfortable and can pretty much be worn all day. At first they were very uncomfortable but after a day or so they fit like a charm, maybe I wasn't putting them in properly. Once they're in they isolate very well. I can play jazz at decent levels on the tube and can't hear any ambient noise.

Bad points? The cable tangles if you so much as cough on it. I would really have preferred a thicker cable but whatever. ACS customer support is amazing btw, I was never on the phone for more than a minute or so every single time I called them.


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