Acer Stream help ... PLEAE


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am having problems upgrading to 2.2 froyo.

I tried upgrading to froyo as per acer instructions but it keeps failing saying I need at least 300mb free in the mini sd card, but there is 1.7gb on the card. Tried 5 times last night. even tried formating the sd card and factory reset, and still nothing kept failing, any ideas?

Also it did say if your PC searches for the USB and trys updating the software to your PC, turn it off, but dont know how to do that.

My phone came with a 2gb card, and surely thats enough room, as there is 1.78gb showing free.

This phone has stopped support so you can only download via the acer website on your PC then hook up your phone.
But I keep getting the message not enough room on the SD card,
Can anyone help pleaseSorry about the bolds, something wrong with my typing


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Jun 10, 2011
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I'm not familiar with the Acer Stream - but

This upgrade utility someone wrote supports you Acer.

Froyo onwards is where Android comes into its own.


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