A super cheap upgrade and an apology to my system...


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Aug 10, 2019
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So I was told six years ago that I needed to get my ears syringed but I hate going to the doctors so I never bothered to get it done and I thought my hearing was fine anyway. Two weeks ago I was unable to hear a thing through my right ear and my left ear was getting just as bad so I started thinking that maybe I should have had that syringing done years ago.

On friday I had them done and everything was so LOUD!!! I couldn't believe how loud things were and how clear my hearing was and I immediately thought about how much better my hifi would sound with my new super human hearing. Got home and put on a cd and WOW! It sounded crystal clear! I then realised that my hearing must have been horrendous. That was friday and now its thursday and earlier tonight I decided to pop another cd on and again I was amazed how good it sounded. I have heard this cd hundreds of times and this was the best I had ever heard it. While listening to the cd I noticed that the volume was at the 9 O'clock position and it was plenty loud enough but previous to the syringing I used to listen to my hifi with the volume at 11-12 O'clock position. My poor, poor hifi. I must have been torturing my speakers all this time. I am really suprised I havent blown something with how loud it must have been.

I have apologised to my hifi and my apology was accepted.


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Dec 27, 2011
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Love it...:)

I wonder if you can get self syringing kits as my Doctor told me a little while back that he no longer did it.


Yeah doctors don't do it anymore I had to go into the walk in centre where they have an ear specialist. I have heard you can get diy syringing kits but our ears are precious and I think it is best left to someone qualified!!


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