A suitable amp alternative for Isobarik speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
Since my post regarding the use of a Naim UnitiQute in my Linn Isobarik sysem I've been thinking about also replacing my pair of Linn LK280 amps (one of them has the stand alone 'spark' power supply). These are 80wpc into 8ohms and 160wpc into 4 ohms - the speakers are bi-amped at the moment obviously.

These amps were manufactured in the early 80's I'd say (here's a link http://www.stereophile.com/content/linn-lk1-preamplifier-amp-lk280-power-amplifier-specifications ) and their performance is fairly laid back.

The sound can be a bit flat, veiled and uninvolving at times and I was wondering if a good replacement could be had (2nd hand) for around £600 or so?

I'm looking for something with a bit more clarity, speed, rythm and timing - something more exciting basically. I am not looking for harshness.

Presumably the 'Qute can take control of the volume side of things, so a pre-amp may not be necessary. Doubts are that the Qute's amp would be able to handle the Iso's properly.



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