a new pair of floorstanders good for home cinema and music


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Aug 10, 2019
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i am looking for a pair of floorstanders that have good base and lovely treble for home cinema and music.

budget around 200-300 pound, would consider 2nd hand.


my system at the moment comprises of a onkyo 605 amp which is changing soon and a tannoy SFX5.1 surround system. i will keep the sub and rears and centre but will upgrade the centre fairly quickly.

i am considering denon 2312 or onkyo TNXR609, i understand the denon will be better for music. i watch a lot of movies. and illl also be adding a turntable in the future to and i know ill need to add a phono stage.


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May 14, 2008
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Hi there,

the 609 is a great Amp, i bought it last week and I to needed an amp for stereo playback that could handle music. I also figured at my budget all the amps sampled would satisfy me for movies anyway and i only did stereo sampling. I tested the Yamaha 671 and Onkyo 609 at £379 both, and the floorstanding speaker that shined were the KEF Q500s, which blew the QA 2050i, Mission 5s and B&W 685.

I am told the Denon is good and have not sampled it, but the 609 for me was best in stereo by far comared to the 671.

Id strongly suggest demoing them before you buy as they are so different with the speakers of yoru choice.. the extra for the KEF is much advised and since Friday cant stop listening to them....

Good luck with your listening



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