A new hifi system with a max budget of 1500


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Aug 10, 2019
Bought my Sony MD313 at the time of the mini disc and also had a mini disc player for the car so i though this direction was great given the quality matched cd but took up much less room and were no where near as fragile. The best part of 15 years have pasted and it is time to upgrade and I would appreciate a little guidence.

i like the facilities of the sonos, remote using radio instead of line of site. This means I can lock the system away from the baby and still use it. I also like the idea of being able to extract music wirelessly from either iTunes of a hard drive. But the Sonos I saw in my local didn't have any more power that that I have now and this seems a little boring so I am looking a seperates and want to run some floor standers. The speakers will be placed in a resessed area between a fire place and the arch to the open plan dining area so this will probably enhance the bass so a function to control this is too.

I have a budget of around £1200 - 1500.


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May 2, 2010
Not floorstanders but. Could get a Sonos Connect (zp90) and connect via its optical out to a pair of the new AVI ADM9 Red Spots. These are 1250 direct from AVI.

in terms of power 75 wpc to tweeters, 250 wpc to main drivers. The speakers have DAC pre & power amps and also have a remote control.

Is there a better way to spend £1500 ?

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
You could look at the outgoing Tannoy DC6T loudspeakers with the new Rotel RA12 amplifier, which is remote controlled, and includes a DAC (which will sound much better than the Sonos one), so you can plug in analogue and digital sources. It is a conservative 60wpc, but this will be way above whatever your mini system is supposedly rated at. It also has a USB connection for MP3 players and and iPhones/iPods, and comes with a USB dongle so you can send music to the amplifier via Bluetooth. With the Sonos ZP90, this will fall within your budget.
Hi src1

What genre of music do you generally listen to?

Your general listening level?

In the meantime the following are also worth considering -

Rega Brio-R amp, Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus DAC with Monitor Audio BX5, Monitor Audio Silver RX6 or Rega RS3 speakers

Dacmagic Plus, NAD C 245BEE power amplifier with BX5's or Silver RX6's

Dacmagic Plus, Audiolab 8200P power amplifer with BX5's or Silver RX6's

Alternatively if you are also happy to consider used/discontinued components then -

DacMagic Plus, NAD C370 amplifier with BX5's or Silver RX6's

DacMagic Plus, Rotel RA-1062 amplifier with BX5's or Silver RX6's

DacMagic plus, NAD C270/C272 power amplifier with BX5's or Silver RX6's

DacMagic plus, Rotel RB-1070 power amplifier with BX5's or Silver RX6's


Btw, i just want to be clear that i don't have any dealings with Cambridge Audio

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


Thanks for the suggestions I will be looking over these and getting my head around them for the next few days.

As for the music genre I think that we will be listening to soft rock, guns n roses and nursery rhymes.


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Feb 2, 2011
Get a Leema Pulse III amplifier, if you look around you can get it for under £700, and it comes with a DAC already.

Connect it to a Squeezebox Touch and spend the rest on the best speakers you can get for the money, which, if you look at the same place, you can find some Leema Xone speaker for around that. You won't get anything better for this kind of money. Or a few good standmounter, but remember you need some standmounts.

Alternatively, get the Rega Brio-R and the RS3 speakers, and a Bushmaster DAC with an Apple Airport Express or a Squeezebox. But it's already over budget.

If you need interconnects, get some from Mark Grant. Speaker cable get Talk3 or VanDamme or Sommercable or something like it.


They are not floorstanding speakers but have a listen to some Yamaha HS50M active speakers with the matching Yamaha HS10W subwoofer. I have just bought these speakers myself after listening to much more expensive floorstanding speakers and the Yamaha speakers always sound better to my ears. You can use them with a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus to control the volume and the total cost is about £1000.

The Logitech Squeezebox Touch would make a good source for this system and only costs £170.



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