A mix of old and new!


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all, 

First time on the forum and I need some help!! I've recently inherited some hi-fi kit from my recently emigrated father in law including the following:

- Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable

- Linn Isobarik DMS Speakers

- Naim NAC, NAP Pre/Power Amp Combo (I'm still trying to find out the exact model numbers!) 

- A huge amount of vinyl!

Being a fully signed up member of the i-tunes generation, the sound quality of this kit has been a revelation - Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song at high volume is something else! However when I received the kit my father in law did admit the the amps were on their last legs and he'd had to have them fixed several times before. Also they've got very basic connection options at the back that don't seem to like having anything plugged into them - particularly my i-pod!

This got me thinking that maybe it's time to give them a bit of a rest and replace them with something more modern. The speakers and turntable are in perfect working order but it would be nice to get an amp that I could use to play my i-tunes catalogue through as well. The pre/power amp route would be nice but I've only got up to about £1000 so that may not be an option. If anyone's got any suggestions I'd be pleased to hear them!



John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Firstly, will you marry me?

Secondly, that is a really good system you have there and you can resolve the issues you have with your Naim setup - firstly, it could be serviced reasonably cheaply to sort out any issues it may have with soldering, leaked caps, whatever. You should consider a Sondek service as well, they can easily get out of whack.

Thirdly, the issue with Naim connection is well documented - they (historically) prefer DIN connections to the more standard RCA phono sockets you find on most amps - cables that fit are, however, easily available - if you just want a cable to connect your iPod to the Naim, look at Gotham on eBay - they can provide a 2xRCA-1xDIN cable for peanuts, which would allow you to connect an iPod dock. Alternatively, they may be able to make you a DIN-3.5mm jack cable so that you could connect the iPod directly - mail and ask, they're very accommodating.

Lastly, if you're intent on buying new amps, there are lots of options, but you may be better off with a one-box integrated with your budget, or mix and match more up to date preamp or power amp with on or other of the Naims. Give us an idea of the route you want to take (I can see the attraction of shiny new stuff) and we can talk some more.




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Jan 10, 2008
I've recently bought a Naim pre/power 2nd hand, but with a 12 month warranty. It was from TomTom audio in St. Albans, and I can honestly say that I've never dealt with a nicer chap.

TomTom (as well as being a franchised Naim dealer) also specialise in "pre-loved" - as he puts it - Naim gear. I bought a NAC102/NAP180 combo from him at just under your budget, and it's fantastic.

The 102 has 6 inputs, and I've got my ipod classic plugged into it using a belkin dock, which works brilliantly.


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Jul 28, 2007
If you like Niam's sound there is a great chance that you will also like Exposure or Densen. They are great alternative. The 2010s with matching power amp sound great with classic rock.


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Sep 9, 2007
fbs is spot on re tom tom audio, you have a good budget to get your amps in fine fettle and he will be able to help with leads and your i pod needs. linn naim and isobariks, it's a classic.


This seems like a pretty simple decision to me. Either get the Nait5i version two (with the ipod input on the front) new or pick up the version 1 Nait5i and run a y cable for your ipod into the back. The Naits are basically identical other than that front input. You'll get the naim sound we know you like and if you go with the version 1 nait of which there are many demos now being sold off to make room for the new nait you'll save some coin.