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Aug 10, 2019
Dear all,

I jumped on early with home cinema and my amp finally gave up so time for an upgrade.

Could use a little sound advice.

Here are the components as they stand now:

Yamaha RX-V590rds amp

B&W 602 s1 (front)

B&W CC6 (center)

Solid HCM2 (rear)

B&W AS6 (sub)

Audio Quest Ruby cables

I use my PC for blue ray right now and an old (the first one) Dennon DVD 3000 for music and dvd. I am looking at a new Onkyo 606 or higher amp.

My questions are not in reguards to the amp or other components but the right choice of speakers. The front and center channel B&W 602 are still great, but the sub is huge by todays standards and was not the best in its day, also I am aware the Rock Solid rear speakers do not have the proper range for a 7.1 system.

Keeping in mind the below what do you all feel would be the correct selection of speakers to upgrade to for a 7.1 system?

  • Would like to keep the front and center channel speakers as they still sound and look good
  • Have a 5x 10 meter room
  • Sound is more important than looks (although small effect speakers would be nice)
  • Size reduction in sub would be nice but not at a loss of quality and punch
  • Use is mostly for movies, i have 60's Bob Dylan type tastes in music and don't need alot in that area.

Had hoped to but a set of 604"s a few years ago and use the 602's as rears but........times and specs have changed!

Many thanks for any suggestions,

David Day

P.S.- I have a heathy budget for mid range plus, but not the high end stuff.


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Nov 15, 2008
When it comes to subs, size DOES matter I'm afraid !
My SVS is huge but I wouldn't change it, it simply sounds soooo good. I would look at the offerings from BK as they do some excellent subs at all price points. The BK XLS200 http://www.bkelec.com/HiFi/Sub_Woofers/XLS200-DF.htm should do nicely. As for rear speakers, why not look at the current B&W 686. However, if you're after some decent rears, MK do some crackers that needn't cost the earth. http://www.hifix.co.uk/shop.lasso?shop=MILLER%20and%20KREISEL Movie soundtracks carry a great range of sounds on the rear channels other than just effects, so getting some decent rears would seem a good move. If you have the room MA Bronze dipoles also worth looking at but o nly if you have the room. I would stick with 5.1 unless you have a massive room though.


Sub wise it has to be the B&W PV1, you will never have to buy another one!



Thanks for the advice, before I picked the last system in 1997 I spent a lot of time choosing using What Hi Fi as a guide( lived in Greece then, (products cheaper than UK ) as the advice was great and I knew it would be cheaper out of the UK.

I live in Hong Kong now, will move back to Germany soon, and the homes are smaller here but I want to buy the kit for Germany so we can put it in our ****** home later.

I agree with both of you, and come from the "size does matter with a sub" school. I was looking at a 30cm cone at a minimum as I thought they would give the best bang in a larger room. Thought the PV1 was another good looking but low preforming sub for the design freeks however....... after reading the reviews I was wondering if it gave enough thump for a big room?

If I went that way would it do or do I need two of them?

Don't want to make a mistake this time,was not too happy with the A6 when I bought it but it matchend the system.

Also considering Velodyne as they are available here.

Many thanks,



Thanks for the links.

I realize I need rears with a better range, I am concerned they will match acousticly with the fronts so the 689 might be a safe bet even though they are 3 generations away from the fronts,

Agree with you on the size of the sub, but if some one tells me the PV1 is great for the room size I could be swayed, but I need really good convincing.

Thought about a Pair of Velodyne 800i, but even two 8 inch 1000 wat drivers does not sell me on them.......PVI maybe......

All the best



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