A home cinema pickle


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Apr 13, 2006
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Hi All. I'm in a pickle here. My old audiolab 8000a has died and needs work on it. Is my local audio specialist the best place to take it?

My next problem is... I want a surround sound system that can also play music. I have TDL RTL3'3 currently but having already asked about pairing them up with other speakers to make a surround sound set up and not got any suggestions. So I feel I need to down the new amp and speakers route. Onkyo seem to be the flavour of the month. The TX-NR609's seem perfect but should I stretch to the 709's and then we go onto speakers. My better half thinks they should look stylish so the normal box set up is more or less out. The Kef flet panels look good but which one should I go for with the amps I'm looking at? Another concern I have is that the centre channel speaker will not fit infront of my stand mounted SonyKDL 40NX 803 TV


Hi Tiptoe,

Regarding the Audiolab, you could try the butchers but I guess the AV specialist would be a better option. If you want an AVR toreplace your 8000A and sound as good budget around £1,300.