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Aug 10, 2019
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Why do Sony's LCD's never seem to make it into your awards - they always seem to get good reviews? I'm considering a new TV - I'm down to either the Panasonic TH42Px70 thanks in no small part to loads of good reviews or the Sony KDL40v3000 - which has impressed me with the picture quality. (Despite battling with the bewildering model number variations) I know the Sony is 1080p LCD & the Pana isn't "full HD" My system is a Marantz Dv7001 / Onkyo TX - SR605 receiver / KEF KHT3005 Any thoughts?

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Jun 4, 2007
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[quote user="alchemist"]Why do Sony's LCD's never seem to make it into your awards - they always seem to get good reviews? [/quote]

They made it into - and won - several Awards in 2006, including our Product of the Year Award!

The first tranche of 2007 Sony Bravias also got good reviews - but were pipped in every size class by rival sets from Samsung, Panasonic and Pioneer.

The more recent sets are showing more strongly, however - though still carry a slight price premium that may not make them the very best performance-per-pound option (which is what our star ratings and test/Award wins ultimately come down to).

We haven't tested the 'V' Sony - though we've reviewed the Sony 40W3000, which we felt wasn't as good value as the Panasonic TH42PX70 when we comparatively tested them in our November-issue Supertest.

What the Pana may slightly lose out on in detail to the Full HD Sony (but only with 1080p content) it more than gains in contrast and black-depth by being a plasma compared to the Sony's LCD.

However, both are five-star sets that would be a superb match for your system, so feel free to choose on the set that impresses YOU most.


It's probably mostly down to a cost-aspect. A "mainstream magazine" isn't going to start recommending really expensive sets ahead of cheaper ones, they surely need to get their balance right.

The Sony's do have a premium attached when compared to other LCD's in their class, however, in my mind, it's money well spent when you know you've got the best.

If you do some searching around on the web you'll find that the latest batch of Sony's are held in the highest regard and quality-wise the only tv that matches it, and beats it in some respects, is the Pioneer plasma.

I think it's a very revealing sign when you go onto other forums and websites, and there aren't a hundred and one posts about individual models of tv's and pages and pages of postings about what's happened to it, why it's not performing, what problems people are having, when in the main part, the postings on the Sony's are quiet in comparison, as most owners are too busy enjoying their tv's!


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