A Canuck in Winter


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Jan 31, 2022
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I'm new to the community and just beginning to explore the world of audio. Looking for info, opinions, recommendations, advice, and - hopefully - some kind of wisdom.

My current system is very primitive. It's based on a Rotel RX-830 receiver and a pair of Celestion DL4 speakers, both of which I bought back in 1985. Recently, I added an Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT turntable and Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones to that setup. I'm planning to replace the Rotel with a tube amplifier, the Celestions with Klipsches, and will eventually add a subwoofer.

I listen mostly to mid- to late-50s jazz (Miles, Rollins, Coltrane, Mingus, et al), early- to mid-60s blues (particularly Chicago blues), and funk from any era.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!
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