8K TV sales forecast to hit 72 million by 2025


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I suppose the average lifespan of an LG OLED TV is 3 years too before you get screenburn. Soon they will be 8K instead of 4K and they will be the only models you can buy.


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It’s very clearly wishful thinking, unless prices drop to today’s levels where you are compelled to purchase a 4K tv whether you watch 4K content or not.

Will Netflix host 8k shows by 2025? Nope, I don’t think so, if ever.

Only now am I thinking of getting my first 4K tv as a second set, but still very happy with my 7 year old FHD set. But I’m not sure if I will be buying a 4K disc player.

Will I consider 8k content by 2025? Most likely not. Nope.

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Still happy with my 9 year old Pannie plasma. No purchase for me until it goes phut.


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