751BD multi-region?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Am about to order the Cambridge 751BD and stuck on the fence as to whether its worth paying for the multi-region upgraded version? I kostly rent BluRays but that could change of course. I'm just not sure if there is much difference in availability/price of BluRays available in the UK & US to what we have here in Australia.

Are there any technical / specification differences with US BluRays to UK versions?
Unless you're specifically after certain titles available in zone A only or have a stash of zone A blu rays, it's usually not worth it. Most titles are zone free anyways.

You can always make your player zone free yourself at a later date if you feel the need, using this:



Thanks, I didnt realise there so many region-free discs. Certainly doesnt seem worth it and as you say, if it becomes a frustration, I can always order the kit. Cheers


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bigboss said:
manicm said:
I bought the 751BD new with a multi-region mod - all by the book but for marginally extra. If you ask your dealer nicely I think he can arrange it.

Can you confirm if the mod is for DVDs as well as blu rays? How much did it cost?

Hmm, if I'm correct I paid the equivalent of 40 quid for the mod, my total figure was nice and round, discounted substantially. The mod just came with a leaflet saying it's 'region-free by default for DVDs'. For Blu-rays you punch in a number on the remote on/before startup to set it at a specific region.