5.1 speakers and receiver questions


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm setting up a new system from scratch. Pretty much decided on Pioneer 428XD, Onkyo 605 (or possibly 705 as I'm worried I might eventually use more than 2 HDMI inputs), PS3. What I don't know yet is what speakers to add. It's for a reasonably small apartment but the system will be in an open plan living space.

Was thinking about a B&W 600 series 5.1 package. Were these reviewed in the September issue? I only started getting WHFSV since Oct issue. Are these reviews archived anywhere? What about floorstanders or bookshelf speakers? Any other good options to compliment the rest of the system? I would use them probably 60% movies, 40% music.

About the HDMI input issue on the '605, if I do ever need a third, are there devices that you can use to plug 2 into 1? Does quality suffer? I've heard the term HDMI switching. What does this actually mean?

Any help greatly appreciated and I apologise for the (probably) ignorant questions!


I bought the Dali Ikon 6 5.1 set-up for £1900 which is about 10% off retail. (Nice shop!)

I'd recommend them very highly. See what you can get the B&W for. They're bound to be fab. Having not heard them I can't say for sure, but it's B&W so how wrong can they be? If you fancy something less common, grab the Dali's WHFSV certainly love them. Oh, and so do I.


Hi Will, I am looking to get the Dali speaker package in a couple of months. Which shop did you get them from for such a good price?