5.1 Speaker Help! £1000-1200


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm in the market for a long needed upgrade to my speakers. My system comprises of Pioneer SC-LX81 Receiver and BDP-LX71 Bluray. I'm looking to spend in the region of £1000-1200, however, if I can get more for less then I'll be just as happy :D

Due to space constraintments, I can only have a certain size of speaker and I've picked out a few systems which I'm quite interested in.

* Arcam Muso / Logo
* Quad L-ite 5.1 Speaker System

I could maybe stretch to the B&W 685 home cinema package (size wise) if they are that good, though size wise it would be tight.

I'm also tempted by the Q Acoustics Q-AV's due to the rear speakers being a more do-able design for the room, however, I'm afraid that they would be limiting the sound coming from the LX81.

My room is a square 15ftx15ft, however, the problem with it is that the walls on all four sides begin to slope inwards which means that the rear speakers would have to be wall mounted and if the fronts are any bigger than the Quad L-Ite fronts would have to be wall mounted too.

My listening balance is Games:40%/Movies:40%/Music:20%

So what do you reckon? Or should I just buy a new house... :(


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Jun 15, 2007

I have the Quad L-ite and think for £599 nothing can tutch them but if you upgrade the fronts with the L2 speaker range you get something else cost about £1200, also if space allows look at the B&W 685 Theatre at £1200, and have a look at the EPOS ELS3 5.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM (LIGHT CHERRY) £499 at superfi if you want a bargin but above all demo demo demo.....thanks Gary


Yeah, I'm going to try to demo them all as soon as possible. Just seeing if anyone has had any problems/experiences with any of them or if anybody would recommend any different speakers


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