5.1 PCM uncompressed sound


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi there,

can someone clear me out on this issue:

í´ve a yamaha rx-v659 connected via optical cable to my PS3, and the HDMI connection from the PS3 to my sony 40W2000 tv, i´ve tried all sort of sound configuration, and the best i can get is same "old" dolby digital or dts when avaliable in the original disc.

my question is, can the optical cable support PCM 5.1 , or do i need to upgrade my av amplifier to one with HDMI connection~?

is PCM 5.1 much better in sound quality than dolby digital and dts?

your comments appreciated!




It's a matter of personal preference. We were brought up on DD 5.1 and DTS 5.1. If someone told us that LPCM (similar to CD audio except sampled higher) was better than DD or DTS we would have laughed in their face!

We purchased a Samsung BD-P1400 BD player and connected both optical and six phono cables to our Yamaha DSP-AX750 to Aux and Multi-Channel Input respectively. At least the Elton John 60 Concert BD has only PCM 5.1 audio, so to get 5.1 surround, then we needed the MC input connected. The PCM 5.1 sound is quite breathtaking. Now we know how concerts should look and sound - it's like being there!

After auditioning many BDs, we have come to the conclusion that PCM is superior to DD and DTS when the source is uncompressed. It's a personal judgement based on our perception that PCM appears more natural and without distortion or 'ceiling' to the sound. This is not saying that DD and DTS are bad. They are still excellent. Indeed many BDs come with DTS-HD Master Audio and through optical/coaxial sound incredible!

I believe that HDMI (1.2 and 1.3 as on PS3) carries all DD, DTS and PCM soundtracks and is the only connection that can do so?

As we connect our BD player directly to our 37in LCD (Panasonic) via HDMI, then maybe this begs the question - Will BD players eventually come with TWO HDMIs - one for TV and one for amplifier/receiver?

If you spend a small fortune on an HDMI lead, then surely it has to be connected directly to the TV for best picture?

I hope this helps?