4 of the best Marvel movie scenes to test your Dolby Atmos speakers or soundbar


Aug 6, 2022
I'm sorry, I have some family and friends that have sound bars and I can't say I'm impressed.

I got a pretty ancient Samsung Htd5500 set at home with dts support and most people that come over still like the 'old' 5.1 better. And this included all speakers and a blu-ray player...

Blade runner 2049 (DTS version) and interstellar IMAX DTS version. Even though my set was like 550 euros about 5 years ago they all say it just sounds better etc. I find atmos lacking.

Maybe a full Atmos set with 7 or something speakers sounds better but overall I like how DTS sounds way more crispy and heavier on all ends, way more surround sound etc.

If you ask me soundbars are a nice replacement for the internal tv speakers but not much more then that.


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Aug 27, 2022
Totally agree Michiel, a good soundbar with rotating speakers "might" be better sending sounds bouncing off the ceiling but Atmos was made for at least 7,1,2 and even better 4 or 6 if you can aford the AVR. I switched from a modest 5.1 to a 7.1.4 system in a dedicated acoustically treated home theater room and the difference is night and day, Atmos makes a bubble of sound around you, movie watching couldn't be better. The 5.1 was great but I just can't compare it to my present Atmos setup. No matter what they say in demos that Atmos can be enjoyed even in earbuds, Atmos needs at least 9 channels to sound like Atmos.