3D sound creation


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Aug 10, 2019
Question: How do you go about creating the most authentic 'virtual 3D surround' sound using conventional seperates (listed below) and stereo speakers(no sub)? Is a complete upgrade needed or one/two seperates? Source CD NAG 542 Amp NAD 3020i JPW P1's Cable Talk 3.1 Would like to keep the Amp if possible. Thanks


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Oct 16, 2008
That's a good question and one that I am looking at doing as well. I have a pair of Tanny floor standers that are bi-amped with two Arcam amps and anf fed by an M-DAC, and I'd like to add virtual surround when I watch films. I did think of using a PC sound card as the source, but I would like to use the optical link to my DAC and feed it with a stereo source that has been processed into virtual surround. I don't think you'll get your CD player to act as the source, but there must be a PC sound card that would let you do this and put your music onto a computer. Has anyone any idea if such a card exists and would it work?


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