24fps; just marketing hype?


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Aug 10, 2019
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While looking through different websites to satisfy my interest in all things to do with frame rates, hz and all things hd tv related, I found this rant;

"24Hz/24fps is just marketing hype because no one in a theatre is watching movies at just 24Hz nowadays, professional projectors at least double framerate to 48Hz progressive and always with motion compensation algorithms engaged (3:2 pulldown and such is a thing of the past, modern implementations use motion compensation algorithms to recalculate proper motion vectors in the time domain, you know...)"

Is any of this true? Or is it just the ramblings of some badly informed berk who doesn't know what he's on about?


Not all hype is hype!!

You have to think in HD terms to get your head round this. The reason the 3:2 algorithm is stated as a thing of the past is because it is referring to NTSC 60Htz (120v). Most HD material that you watch now will have been shot at 1080progressive @ 24Htz on digital camera or filmed on 35mm and digitally transfered to 1080p24. Just to confuse matters, our domestic HD camcorders often shoot 1080 25 ( a 2:1 pulldown from 240v 50Htz PAL).

I think the reasoning is that a set capable of showing 1080p24 (even if the picture is not carried at that rate) will give a 'true' 24fps picture, hence the 72Htz playback capability boast of many TVs. Unlike me, the maths works out better.


You may want to take a look at the following forum post for a discussion about 24fps:


As you can see, there are some situations where people can find problems with refresh rates and content encoding almost unbearable to watch.


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