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Aug 10, 2019
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I’m looking at buying a 20inch LCD TV to use in the bedroom. It will be used to watch Freeview TV. Based on the September issue tests I am looking to get either the Sony KDL-S2030 or the Toshiba 20W330D. I’ve been to look at them in a shop and I think I prefer the Sony in terms of looks and couldn’t really see any difference in picture.

Has anyone had any experiences of these sets (good or bad)? I’m trying to separate them some how, only really going to be watching Freeview TV and I watch a lot of football too, how do they cope with motion?

I think I’m edging towards the Sony but I don’t know whether it would be wiser to cover all my bases and go for the all-rounder Toshiba.

Any info will be much appreciated!


I was in John Lewis last night and looking at the 20 inch sets. I must say both were pretty impressive on the pre-recorded video that was running but I definitely saw truer colour in the Toshiba. Neither really showed any lack of motion handling or anything of that sort. On freeview, however, the 2030 definitely outshined the 330D by a small margin. This really irritated me since I am a Tosh fan, but hey... I saw what I saw.

I then walked away, and noticed something else which is really gunna throw a spanner in the works... viewing angle. I could see the Tosh from almost every angle I could stand at, almost perfect every time. The Sony, however, did get a bit darker if you looked up at it or from a sharp angle. May have been the lighting, but I don't think so.

Check it out again, and if you can't see any more difference buy the one which looks best in your room.

Good luck!


Thanks very much for your thoughts on the two sets! I'm going in to John Lewis tomorrow to have another look and I will take a close look at the viewing angle of both!

Thanks once again, its always good to have an expert opinion!


Hi guys, I'm spilt between the Sony and Tosh as well, but i'm gonna add a dvd recorder just to cover all base's. I was thinking Sony RDR-HXD970, although I thought it might be a bit overkill for a kitchen/breakfast room!? Also any way of interconnecting a 2.1 speaker system to a PC and xbox/ps2 to tv, dvd rec. If so any ideas on what one (cant spend much, under £100). Ta very much


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