2012 MacBook Pro & Air release date?

Now that Intel's Ivy Bridge processor is set to launch later this month, any idea when will Apple release its 2012 line up of MacBook Pros & Airs?

I've recently started a part time MSc course & I think I'm eligible for a 15% student discount with free 3 year warranty. iPad cannot fulfill my MSc needs as pebblepad runs on Flash. Besides, my OH is long overdue for a MacBook upgrade. So I can borrow it from her for uni work. I'm holding on for Windows 8 ultra-books.


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Dec 28, 2007
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From the rumours I've seen, it looks like June is the current proposed date for the new releases, though it's possible the 15" and 17" Macbook Pro might be released earlier (the delay to the 13" Macbook Pro and both the Macbook Air models being down to the delay in dual-core Ivy Bridge processors from Intel which is the one assumed to be present in those models).

However, this is very much rumour at the moment, so don't be too surprised if it's wrong!


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Have you had a look at the macrumors buyers guide? It plots previous release dates to calculate the average lifespan. Macbook pro and Air are short of its average lifespan by 100 days ish, so summer is a safe bet.



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Site says dont buy: update soon. Averge 307 days. Current, 944 days!Take this site with a pinch of salt :)


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