12 of the best KEF products of all time


Mar 25, 2021
Personally I thought the Coda 8's were far better than the Coda 7's, despite not having the bi-wire option. The 8's have a much fuller sound and bass so punchy that you could close your eyes and easily believe you were listening to much larger speakers. You would expect the Coda 9's to be even better still, considering the extra bass driver hidden internally within the coupled-cavity cabinet but you would be disappointed as this is not the case. The extra height of the cabinet, along with insufficient thickness of the wood it's made from combine to create some pretty dire cabinet resonance which completely eliminates everything that was good about the 7's and 8's. This problem isn't too hard to fix if you have some basic carpentry skills, it's just a case of adding some bracing inside the cabinet to stiffen it up but you really shouldn't have to do stuff like that in order to bring a speaker up to the standard of the lower models in the same range!
That said, I still love the sound of the Coda's, I would dearly love to own a pair of Coda 10's but on the rare occasions that any come up for sale, they're always at the other end of the country with a seller who insists that the buyer collects :(