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Nov 1, 2015
Hi there - I am looking to buy a single device that will satisfy the needs of my ears. I am certainly not an audoiphile but I really can't stand to watch tv with inbuilt speakers after 5 years of using various systems.

I have been using a Yamaha YSP 2500 for some time now, but after moving house to a long wide room where our TV is in a corner, I am finding that I don't really benefit from the surround effects like I did in my previous place so I feel this expensive piece of kit is a bit wasted.

Secondly, I have often been a little curious about having better music output, and after finally signing up for spotify, I like the idea of a speaker I can beam that too as well. I have been demoing a Naim Mu-so this weekend and it's great fun. I am really enjoy the music output; although I must admit the diference isn't anywhere as vast as I thought it would be compared to the Yamaha, but it's enough that I notice it being better for music and weaker for TV.

At the moment I see 4 options - I understand that I am going to compromise on something given my needs to have a single simple device void of a room full of wires, but I just don't know my best option and it's driving me a bit nuts.

1) Keep the Yamaha. Upside is good TV sound, downside is me feeling it's overkill for my room and I'd really miss the Spotify side of things.

2) Keep the Mu-So. Upside is that it's very good for music + wireless streaming, but a bit of a pain switching inputs to TV and it's expensive given that TV isn't that well supported.

3) Have 2 devices, a cheaper wirelsss speaker (Sony SRS X9 sounds OK?) plus a cheaper soundbar - I don't know what that would be however.

4) Try another device that does both - I was thinking the Sonos Soundbar? Not heard it but it seems to get OK reviews for music and TV. Or the Dali Kubrick?

My total budget is a bout £900 (assuming I sell the Yamaha and get £300-£400)

Has anyone else been in this situation and found a good compromise? I'd be interested to hear the results!


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May 2, 2010
How about keeping the Yamaha. You could add something like a Sonos Connect, or even cheaper an Amazon Fire TV. LOTS of devices have Spotify now and they range massively in price.


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Dec 10, 2012
The Yamaha NX-N500

Active speakers with Spotify Connect built in and a digital optical input for your TV. £600.

Stereo speakers would (IMO) generally outperform single-box solutions for music and 2-channel TV sources. You could of course use these speakers in addition to your Yamaha soundbar should you feel the need when using multi-channel sources.
Nov 1, 2014
Or you could try the Sony HTX-T3 soundbase. £380ish. Don't know why What Hi-Fi haven't reviewed this yet. Decodes all music and cinema audio formats. Built in spotify connect. Bluetooth. NFC. Plus it works with other Sony multiroom speakers. It's on my Christmas list. Read the veviews. Nearly all 5 star.
Aug 5, 2008
Or of course you could try the universally acclaimed, and twice What Hi-Fi award winner, Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar. (Soundbar & Soundbase 'Product of the Year' 2014 and 2015).

Apologies if it's not expensive enough :)


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