£400 budget for ipod dock what do i buy?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a £400 budget for an ipod docking station. I really like the B&W Zepplin however if iam to spend this much i want to make sure it will last. Docking stations seem to be the same as mobile phones the minute you get ones another comes out. Should i wait longer as there might well be some new products coming for 2008. I want this most versitle product i can get for my budget any help would be appreciated.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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I'd definitely go for the Zeppelin (full review here in case you missed it) - it's the best all-in-one speaker dock there is now, and we've seen nothing more promising due in the next while.

It may be like mobile phones at the low end, but at the pricier end there's far less speaker-dock competition at the moment.


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Aug 24, 2007
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Relatively new technology and the popularity of iPod/MP3s mean that the market will improve rapidly. Having said that there's still a long way to go until it reaches proper hifi standard in my view.


Thansk for the reply i have seen the review and also looked at in JL. It's a beast. When will whathifi do reviews on tv furniture?


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Feb 27, 2008
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Forget about a docking station uless you are using it solely to recharge your i-pod. They only muffle the sound.

Connect your i-pod straight up to the amp and you'll get the best sound quality.

Question - would you dock your CD Player?



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I took the plunge and my hifi system and CDs have been replaced with an ipod and docking stations primarily because of space. I could never get the speakers to fit the room, there was always a compromise between living, especially with children and a beautifully spaced hifi system. The CDs can live in the loft now.

I now have an amazing Logitech mm50 in the kitchen which also comes with me about the house. It's energy and clarity of sound is superb. It's base can walk it off my mantlepiece; Groove Armada and the track 'Edge hill', but it also sounds clear at low volumes for quiet moments. I can now have music anywhere I want to in the house.

In the livingroom (small and L shaped) I have a Bose Sound dock. Again sound quality is very good, but and it is a big but, because the sound is more focused from the Bose it sounds better in the room than my old hifi. The Bose has a very strong base that stays tight, for example Finley Quaye 'When we are together' and it does not zzz with s sounds in vocals such as Chris Martin with Coldplay. It has great detail as well, picking out all of the instruments from a Gomez track easily. The accoustics of my livingroom suit the Bose better.

Hopefully development of docking stations, especially 'one room' systems that do not have portability as their main function will continue and sound quality will improve with it. Meanwhile I would recommend you spend your budget on the two docking stations.


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