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Sep 10, 2007
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I have recently got hold of a pair of Teac L700P power amps, and thought I could give biamping a go. (i.e. use the L & R outputs of one amp to drive one speaker, and the L & R of the other amp to drive the other speaker). The amps put out 30wpc, so we're talking 60w into each speaker.

I have been looking to get some new speakers, which will obviously now need to be bi-ampable, for around £300-£400. The only problem is, the speaker positions are limited by my small flat.

The right hand speaker will be very close to a wall on the right hand side, with about 60cm gap behind it. The left hand speaker will not have a wall either side, but have a wall about 20cm behind it. I sit around 8' from the speakers, but I would like them to still sound quite good when not directly in front of them too (it's a sitting room, dining room, kitchen open plan flat). To top it all off, it has 12' (that's right, twelve foot) ceilings! Not great, I know, but I have no choice.

I have listened to a few speakers in shops, but their demo rooms are never anything like mine, and I can't afford the time arranging to demo 5 or 6 speakers at home.

The following have been suggested by helpful people:

B&W 685
Revolver RW16
Monitor Audio RS1

They are front ported, I believe, so that should help, especially if I use the port bungs.

Does anyone have any comments on the pros and cons of these (or other) speakers in a setup like mine?

It seems standmount is winning over floorstanders, which makes sense. Can anyone recommend some good stands? I hear Dreadnoughts are good, but they seem like quite a lot to spend, as the speakers are near the top of my budget anyway, or are they really worth it?

I listen to a huge variety of music. I'm no good at using words to describe sound, but I think I like my sound to be quite tight and clear (but without sounding flat and dull). I like taught, snappy bass, but don't need huge amounts of it, and I hate it when it booms. Hurt by Johnny Cash has to sound great, as does Elgar's cello concerto, Air, and a bit of Everlast.

Can anyone help me?



I currently bi amp my speakers by having one amp drive the tweeters and one amp driving the woofers.

What you are considering is 'monoblocking' the speakers. I would get some advice to see if this is the best method for your amps.

I use Atacama nexus 6 stands (£60). very good value.

I have B&W 601S3 speakers and am considering uprating to the 685 speakers. Anyone know if they are as good as the cm1 speakers?


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