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    Comfortable wireless earbuds

    Hi all, I have been looking for a comfortable pair of wireless earbuds with ANC that also offer decent music audio. I use over ear headphones at the moment (Sony WH-1000XM3) which are generally comfortable, but can be painful when wearing glasses (they press the frames into my head) and also...
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    Is RHA still trading?

    I ask as I see some of their flagship products are still making their way into What HIFI recommendations and group tests as recently as the past couple of weeks. Consistently fantastic performance for in ears (in my opinion best on the market) but might be bit more careful to check company...
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    How To How to tell the quality of a TWS earbuds, and list the three most important points.

    How to pick a good earbuds on ebay? There're two many options on there.
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    Question Best IEMs w/ mic under 100€ to use with phone (no dac)

    Hello, as the title says I'm looking for IEMs under 100€ to only use with my phone and maybe sometime my laptop. I don't use a dac, just straight from the 3.5mm jack of my pixel 3a. I stream music from Tidal HiFi, I need these only when I'm going around outside (for the future since I'm stuck...