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  1. Dicky-Art

    Streamer upgrade and internal DAC comparison questions

    Hi I'm after another Streamer. I have been using the WiiM mini (now given to my son) through my CXA81's internal DAC Optically connected . I thought the quality of sound very good even though it's so cheap! I only use Spotify. Not into Hi Res Audio, CD quality is fine for me. Been looking at...
  2. G

    Budget Streaming - Wiim Mini any good?

    I have a nice but old Naim Nait3 Amp with Polk Audio RT8 speakers. The Marantz CD player hasn't been used for 8yrs, but the Amazon Echo has been connected to stream Amazon Music HD, it was temporary a couple of years back. I had my eye on a Bluesound Node but didn't really want to spend...