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  1. Belljul

    Question Fixing faulty woofer Wharfedale

    Hi. Hifi newbie here in need of help from someone skilled in internal speaker wiring/fix. I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 540 (£30) which I am using to power a pair of wharfedale diamond 9.0 speakers. One works fine, the other only the tweeter works. They look mint and the guy I bought them from...
  2. S

    Question Desktop stands for the Denton 85th Anniversary

    Hi! The Whaferdale measures 240 width x (275+12) depth mm. I'm looking at these: https://www.amazon.com/Gator-Frameworks-Desktop-Monitor-Speaker/dp/B084HPVQBK They are 229mm x 305mm. Will this be OK?