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  1. D

    High pitched noise with Focal XS Book

    I haven't used my speakers for a year and when I turned them on again I got this high-pitched noise, irregardless of the volume. Sample here: Any idea what's wrong and can it be fixed? It's quiet annoying and I can't really even listen to the TV with this...
  2. urre

    Yamaha A-S801 Protection mode, yellow light blinking

    Hello, I recently bought a Yamaha A-S801 amplifier. This unit seems to be in protection mode. When I turn it on, the yellow power lamp starts to blink within 5 seconds and the unit can't be used. I can't seem to get this working. Any tips on how I can reset it or get it to power up again...
  3. D

    Question Problem with subwoofer or amp

    Hi I have a problem with my subwoofer. It happened suddenly. I have a Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 woofer and Yamaha A-S501. I've been using this system for over 4 years now. There are 2 pairs of speakers attached to the system too - one pair of MA BX2 and a pair of Opera 1.5 The problem with the...