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  1. SeNtIeNtMiNoRiTy

    System advice sought please

    Hello all, First and foremost thank you for having me in the forum! Also thank you in advance for any guidance you can offer. I’ll try not to ramble but have a lot to cover, so please humour me. I’ll be moving house in the next couple of months and will have a little money left over, some of...
  2. J

    Quad II and Quad 22 in modern system

    I've been given a pair of Quad II's and Quad 22 Pre-amp to look after for a while (I'm not giving them back). They were last serviced in 2003, so I do intend sending them back to Quad for a service. Questions I have for anyone out there that can help? 1. They sound great, but they do hiss when...