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    Question Setup help/suggestions for surrounds and Atmos

    Hi everyone, New to HT and wanting some suggestions on what to implement given my room size. See here for a photo of my room layout: View: Note: On the far RHS, across the 90% of the 4.9m length, are curtains. Note: Still deciding between sub placement...
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    AV amps / upmixing from 5.1 (DVDs etc) to 7.1+

    TL;DR: Are AV receivers / AV amps that upmix from 5.1 --> 7.1 still a 'thing'? I have googled av amplifier with 5.1 upmix av amplifier with dolby IIx etc. Most of the stuff that comes up seems out-of-date, and I can't find any currently available AV amps that advertise Dolby Pro Logic IIx. So...