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  1. Alice in Layne

    Question audio rack suggestions

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for 12 unit racks for my 2 EQs, transistor amp (would sit on a shelf inside the rack) and patch panel. Any suggestions? Should I get a Samson Srk12 rack? Do you have any recommendations? (must have wheels and be no taller than 70cm or 27.55 inches) Thanks!
  2. B

    Setup assistance

    I have an Oppo BDP-105D which was their top of the line multi disc player and streamer, and has a very high quality Sabre D-to-A converter in it, however (but) my receiver also has exceptional D-to-A chip(s) as well. It's a 2004 Sony ES series STR-DA 9000ES unit. I can use the 7 channel analog...
  3. D

    Question Setup help/suggestions for surrounds and Atmos

    Hi everyone, New to HT and wanting some suggestions on what to implement given my room size. See here for a photo of my room layout: View: Note: On the far RHS, across the 90% of the 4.9m length, are curtains. Note: Still deciding between sub placement...
  4. D

    Question Old Onkyo Integra/B&W and New KEF - how to best integrate?

    Hi Guys, Hoping to get some help. I'm very new to the HT scene. I had recently bought the KEF Q750 for front L/R, and KEF Q650 as centre, and a Yamaha RXV-2085 AV receiver. I've now only realised behind some boxes in the basement, were a pair of Onkyo Integra TX-DS989 (apparently top of the...
  5. danobo

    Setup, positioning and gear advice - PMC TB2, Sony STR-DN1080, Flying Mole DAD M100s, etc

    We’re (hopefully) moving next month, and I’m wondering whether to revisit, and how to position, my current living room hi-fi / home cinema speaker setup, since the new room is much bigger. Ideally I’d not buy (any/much!) more kit, but trying to keep an open mind. Suggestions on speaker...
  6. Z

    Help Upgrading / adding to my Arcam S10 / Monitor Audio setup

    Hi! Total newb here. First post. Here's the thing. I have a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 500 speakers, an Arcam S10 amp, and an Audio Technica LP5 with Ortofon Blue. I love it. But it lacks a punch. The bass falls short and not all music genres are delivering on my expectations. (I stay...
  7. Coauctor

    First system plan help request ($1200 - $1500)

    Hey guys, hope to get your recommendations on the first system setup. Thanks a lot to everyone who's willing to get through this post! So, I'm trying to define the components for my first system for $1200 - $1500. In short, my request goes like this: I spent some time in the world of music...
  8. kingbeto

    I have £ ~5k and no idea how to spend them. Please help!

    Hello! I'm a super fan of WHF. I always read and watch every single review. As a loyal follower, I bought and assembled my first setup according to all recommendations in the website. I am very happy with the results, really. Thanks a lot for helping me to have almost 10 years of musical...
  9. W

    How to set up Thorens TD190 with KEF LS50 wireless?

    Hi everyone I'm new to this so please bear with me. I have: Thorens TD190 turntable KEF LS50W Marantz PM 6004 How do I connect these using my Marantz PM 6004 as a phono preamp? The turntable can be plugged into the phono input of the Marantz but I'm not sure where the speaker should be...