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  1. tinaag

    Question TV Samsung QLed 4k Q7FN 55" which are the good head or earphones bluetooth to use?

    I have a Samsung Q7FN. I will need references for good Bluetooth earphones or headphones. I have a Level U but is falling into pieces, and soon will die. I bought online a AKG Y600NC but I rad some reviews from users saying it's not a good device. so in case this phone is really bad and if I...
  2. K

    Why do you buy Samsung /LG TV over Sony/Panasonic?

    Looking at the statistics, Samsung and LG TVs seem the top two sold TV brand in UK. I'm wondering what are the reasons do people choose Samsung or LG for their first choice ? I also looked at the other report that says the repeat rate of Sony and Panasonic TV is more than those of Samsung...
  3. aryanalisalah

    Issue with connecting Wireless Display

    Hi All, Have bought a new Samsung Series 7 TV two days before. I was unable to connect the Wireless display using my mobile(Samsung S20). Whenever I try to share using Wireless display it shows not able to connect. Will it be a Wifi issue or any hardware issue with TV or Mobile. Please help...