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  1. K

    Audio-Technica vs Rega Planer 2

    Hi there, I'm looking for a mid-range priced turntable, and it won't be a surprise if i'm considering the Audio-Technica AT-LPW50PB turntable besides the Rega Planar 2. As noted in the review of the Audio-Technica AT-LPW50PB, this turntable is placed between the Rega Planar 1 and the Rega...
  2. RobTaylor57

    Rega Planar Anti Skate Issue

    I know this has come before, but I have an in-built pre 2020 anti-skate Rega Planar PS2 turntable. There are some records that love getting stuck in the same grooves about. quarter to halfway in. I’ve tried adjusting the counter weight but this has had variable results. Some records are fine...
  3. J

    Question New Hi-Fi set up for new turntable

    Hi! I'm new to What Hi-Fi, I currently have a basic turntable and speaker set up. (AT-LP60 and some Edifier speakers.) I am looking at getting a better turntable in the future and am set on a Rega Planar 2. To accompany this new turntable, I am looking at buying the Onkya - 9010 amplifier...