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  1. T

    Rega IO Amp Headphone Buzz (Not changing with volume up and down)

    Hello. Just bought myself a Rega IO amp. While i'm waiting for my Q Acoustics 5020 i decided to use the amp with it's headphone output. With no rca cables hooked (only the power cable is connected and the amp is on) i hear a low level buzzing coming from headphones. And it's strength doesn't...
  2. lou_untitled

    Question Rega IO with subwoofer

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to plug a subwoofer to the Rega IO since there's no LFE or SUB output. And if yes which one do you recommend and how do you do it ? I 've heard many things using Y connector and so on but this is confusing to me, I'm still pretty new to this. My...