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  1. Gizelli

    DAC/Amp recs for DT1990s + is my amp faulty?

    I recently bought a pair of DT1990s as my DT990s broke and loved the sound they produced so stuck with Beyer (no, the highs didn't put me off), but thought I'd invest a bit further and buy a decent DAC/Amp to drive them. I was previously using an old Sound Blaster Audigy 5 Rx soundcard, which...
  2. T

    Question Budget 40" (approx) TV suggestions.

    Hi all. On behalf of my GF, am looking for good 40"-43" (or thereabouts) TV suggestions. We're currently considering the: Amazon Fire TV 43-inch 4-series 4K UHD smart TV @£339 If it's a balance of quality over size, we'd go for a smaller screen (40") rather than larger (43"). The requirement is...
  3. lgbern

    Best turntable under 400€

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for good turntables. I was decided to buy an Audio Technica AT-LPW50PB but reading this forum people prefered Rega over AT. I'd like to know your opinion... I've looked different models of Project (Rega is over +400€ with preamp included), Project Juke Box and Project...
  4. Pkron

    Question Best 2.5mm to 4.4mm balanced adapter?

    I got the HD6xx with the 2.5mm balanced cable and am planning on ordering the iFI Zen v2, which has a 4.4mm balanced jack. I am wondering if anybody has any recommendations for a good quality adapter that takes a 2.5mm male in and turns it into a 4.4mm male balanced? Thanks for your help!
  5. L

    Wired, closed-back headphones, 200€ max

    Using a desktop setup, PC streaming via Spotify & Soundcloud through an Ifi Zen Dac and then into a pair of Hifiman Sundara, which works good in low-noise situations. However, I'm looking for a second pair of headphones: closed back: for when I need to isolate myself from surrounding noise at...
  6. O

    Integrated Amp recommendations for Monitor audio Gold Reference 20s

    Hi! I'm setting up my first hifi setup, so far I have a rega Planar 3 and a pair of MA GR20s. Initially I planned on getting the yamaha as501 amp, however many people on this and other forums have told me this amp will not only limit the sound quality but cause clipping (especially on dynamic...
  7. kingbeto

    I have £ ~5k and no idea how to spend them. Please help!

    Hello! I'm a super fan of WHF. I always read and watch every single review. As a loyal follower, I bought and assembled my first setup according to all recommendations in the website. I am very happy with the results, really. Thanks a lot for helping me to have almost 10 years of musical...
  8. S

    Brand new owner of Tannoy Eyris DC1 bookshelves, need an amp rec

    Hi all, Brand new member of the community; thought I'd join since I took the plunge into the hobby after finding a deal for a pair of Tannoy DC1s on the web. I am looking for a good amp to power these; was mainly looking at the Cambridge Audio AXA or AXR line but was wondering if anyone had...
  9. M

    Question Stand mount or floor standing speakers for 4m x 3.5m room

    I’m moving house soon and will have a bigger listening room. I currently have an awkward room that is 3 x 3.5m but with annoyingly placed door and window so not ideal. Moving into a new house that has a larger room - 4m x 3.5. Only an extra metre but much better layout. So, question is -...
  10. SirBlacklist

    (Gaming/Music) Current: Focal Listen - Want to upgrade

    Hello! First-time poster but I've read through this forum a ton and decided my case is a bit different then what a lot of others posted or needed suggestions for. USE: Gaming/Music Gaming FPS Immersive Titles MMO's Music (all over the place but currently listening to;) Rush Tool The...
  11. D

    Question Couple of questions about projector for a 6ft room.

    I have a room which is 6ft wide (wall to wall), with a blank wall which would be great for a projector for casual gaming and a little bit of film watching. Light is easily controlled in the room as I have blackout curtains and blinds. I've never bought a projector before, so this is all new...