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  1. Q

    Question Advice needed on Adding Speakers to Denon AVR for 5.1

    Hi all! I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. I'm a newbie to receivers -- my partner and I recently bought a Denon AVR-X1600H to connect to our record player, and drive a pair of Dali Zensor 3s. The stereo sound's a dream, but we're now exploring the possibility of adding some speakers to...
  2. bartlett23

    Bluetooth receiver

    Evening guys, hope everyone is ok :) I have a relatively old Marantz Melody Maker (it’s crazy how things become obsolete). Want to add a Bluetooth receiver as Airplay is annoying and I mostly use Spotify. Anyone got any recommendations? Want one with aptx ideally. Thanks in advance!
  3. K

    Updating Legacy System

    Looking for product recommendation and advice on how to make this work! My 1980’s Sony receiver died and I need to replace it. The criteria for my “new” sound system is: - Audio only - Receiver that has inputs for RCA phono plug (Sony turntable) and CD player (Onkyo) - Would like to play same...