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  1. martois

    Any reviews of the Dual Primus Maximus

    I have been getting more and more into HiFi. Started collecting vinyl when attending concerts (as memorabilia because I have way too many tee shirts). After a bit of accumulation, I decided to start playing them instead of just looking at them. I bought an AudioTechnica AT120LP. Now I am...
  2. H

    Ortfon Quintet Bronze and Preamp

    Ortfon recommends > 20ohms for the load impedance on its quintet series. My phono Preamp only has impedance input settings for 10 and then 100. Really not sure which route to go? Also the gain setting is up to the highest it can go, is that effecting my sound? Ive played around with it, but not...
  3. Maddie

    Question upgrades for AT-LPW40WN?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what I can upgrade in my modest system to improve vinyl sound. I'd like to hear your all's input . Should I upgrade the stock AT-VM95E cartridge or get a phono preamp to use instead of the built in? My system: Denon AVR-S570BT, Polk Audio RTi A1's, and of course...
  4. mgmasterv2

    IFI Neo as preamp

    hi guys , i want to buy a new amp for my kef q750 speakers , i was thinking about buying a power amp (e.g. rotel) and directly connecting my ifi neo dac as a preamp to it , is it a good idea? or should i go for an integrated amp like cambridge cxa81? also i was looking at rotel RB-1552 MkII...
  5. B

    Question DAC & Phono vs Stereo Preamp, seeking upgrade advice

    I've been looking at upgrading my Schiit Mani phono stage (very high noise floor) and my Topping D10 DAC (I think it's okay, but I'm sure I can do much better). Of course there are a lot of options, and I'm not sure if I would be better served by a pre-amp that can handle both, or by discrete...
  6. B

    Seeking upgrade advice

    Currently I have a Schiit Mani phono stage in my system that I would like to upgrade because of its (to me) terrible noise floor. I also have a Topping D10 DAC that perhaps could be replaced as well. I have actually never heard a more expensive DAC and so don't know what I'm missing, I suppose...