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  1. Azulan

    Newbie hobbyist with trouble.

    Hello Everyone! I bought my first turntable a couple years ago because i already collected vinyl as art and wanted to listen to them later. now i'm getting more serious with good sound quality and bought myself a Sansui qrx-3000 reciever. it looks absolutely stunning and sounds a lot better...
  2. Maddie

    Question upgrades for AT-LPW40WN?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what I can upgrade in my modest system to improve vinyl sound. I'd like to hear your all's input . Should I upgrade the stock AT-VM95E cartridge or get a phono preamp to use instead of the built in? My system: Denon AVR-S570BT, Polk Audio RTi A1's, and of course...
  3. F

    Question preamplifier after preamplifier?

    Hi. I have a preamplifier and a poweramplifier I am very satisfied with. The preamplifier is connected to the poweramplifier and the powerampfiler is connected to speakers, The connection between the pre- and power-amplifiler is also spited to two active subwoofers. However, I miss the option...
  4. S

    Cambridge Audio Azur 851N - Streamer/DAC/Pre-amp

    Hello folks, I am looking to carry out a serious upgrade to my HiFi for the first time in almost twenty years. I was after a Network Streamer as all my music is now on a NAS drive and a decent DAC to plug all my digital sources into (the aforementioned network streamer, DVD/CD player, TV)...