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  1. ErikGdd

    Sound bar position in the living room

    My Tv is situated in the corner. Will I have a good sound effect if the soundbar is in the corner and not in the middle of the wall?
  2. Ma$ta Ace

    Question Positioning amp and dac on desk

    Hi, I have recently updated my sound system for my desktop HIFI speakers current configuration: Speakers: B&W 601 S2 Amp: Naim Nait 5 DAC: M-DAC+ I don't have the largest room, give or take 3mX3m so i need to be careful about placement. For 90% of usage i will be sitting in my desk chair so...
  3. I

    Monitor Audio Silver 6 vs Silver 200 6G vs B&W 685s1

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of B&W 685 and want to upgrade, mainly for better bass response and depth. I have the opportunity to buy a pair of MA Silver 6 (5th gen) or Silver 200 (6th gen) for about the same price. I'm slightly towards the older 6s for the bigger drivers but I'm worry about the...