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  1. L

    Question Budget/Midrange DAC to revamp old Pioneer Amplifier

    Hi. I have an old Pioneer Amplifier, from the 90's, the Pioneer DC-Z94 and also a pair of speakers. Since it still works, I would like to use it for listening to digital audio. So at least I have to buy a DAC. I wonder if any of these, the Pro-Ject Pre-Box S2 Digital or the Cambridge Audio...
  2. J

    Question What replacement for Pioneer Sc-LX71?

    Hello everyone. It's been quite a while since I bought an AV amp, so I am looking for some sage advice. I currently use the Pioneer Sc-LX71 for both home cinema and music playback, feeding a 7.1 Monitor Audio Silver speaker package. It sounds great, but, so that I can use its passive HDMI...
  3. C

    Question Speakers for Pioneer SA-420

    Hello folks. I have a Pioneer SA-420 from the 1980s, recently serviced, and now I'm on the hunt for good + small bookshelf speakers to match with it. The speakers I have in mind are the System Audio Saxo 5s. The amp lists 21 watts per channel into 8ohms. The speakers have "recommended amplifier...
  4. JoelOman

    So, I've decided on the spreakers. But what amp?

    Hiya all! I've been dwelling back and forth between what bookshelf speakers I want to get for a new "budget system from scratch" to my 25kvm (~269sqft) living room and the choice fell on the ELAC Debut B5.2. Now all I need is an amplifier to get things going. It needs to have a built in DAC...