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  1. Greg_g

    Question Rothwell Simplex and Mofi Studiophono

    Hello, Has anyone had experience of these two phono stages, or better still heard them both? I’m looking for some input to help me decide on the best unit, given they are the same price. Thanks in advance, Greg
  2. jellypulp

    philips ag9016 Phono or Turntable connecting

    Hello! I bought a philips ag9016 and he has modified Chinch - Cable output. Could I connect it with my Turtable? Or how. could I doo it? Because I saw a lot of Youtube Videos, where People where listening with Turntables. Thanks for the Help and your Time :) Felix
  3. B

    Question DAC & Phono vs Stereo Preamp, seeking upgrade advice

    I've been looking at upgrading my Schiit Mani phono stage (very high noise floor) and my Topping D10 DAC (I think it's okay, but I'm sure I can do much better). Of course there are a lot of options, and I'm not sure if I would be better served by a pre-amp that can handle both, or by discrete...
  4. montanasan

    Moon 110LP vs Rega Fono MM Mk3

    Hi there, First post so go easy... I've be lucky to have been sent a couple of phono preamps to try out and was wondering where to start? I don't have a big fancy set up - Rega P1(factory fitted MM cart), Trio KA-4002A from the 70's (which I love) and QED 3020i speakers. Anyone been using...
  5. C

    Yamaha R-5 Stereo Receiver Left Side Not Working

    Hey! I have a Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Receiver R-5 and the left channel doesn't work properly. The audio comes out extremely distorted and very quiet. I've tried swapping speakers so it's definitely the amp that's the problem. I looked at the internal componentry but I know nothing about...
  6. K

    Which Turntable for Cambridge Audio Evo 75?

    I am looking to purchase the Cambridge Audio Evo 75 with B&W 603 S2 Speakers, however is there any way to connect a decent turntable to this as only the Evo 150 seems to have phono inputs. Your recommendations on turntable / set up are much appreciated. Or should I just go for the Evo 150? Thank...
  7. F

    Matching entry level speakers with amplifier and a cheap turntable?

    Hello friends, I have decided to spend somewhere near 800€ and I have done some reasearch, Here is what I have come up with: Denon PMA-600NE Amplifier 400$ Pro-Ject Audio Primary E 230$ Dali Spektor 2 210$ I am not aware (since this is my first audio setup) if my amp is a good match for my...
  8. N

    Question Active Speakers with Built In Phono

    Hello, I just purchased the Pro-Ject T1 white turntable. It’s my first one. I’m looking for active speakers with an in-built phono stage, so that I don’t require any more components. Do you know of any speakers like this? Ideally in white and reasonably priced? Thank you!