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  1. nhf202

    Need help getting MQA with iPhone and Dragonfly Cobalt

    The quick summary is that I can't get MQA quality streaming Tidal (or other apps) from my iPhone to a Dragonfly Cobalt or Hip Dac 2. (Thank you to anyone who can help with this!) My setup: - Tidal Masters (I've had the same result with Qobuz) - iPhone SE (I've had the same result with an...
  2. angelmf2704

    Does Qobuz sounds better?

    Hello, the last 2 months I've been trying different gear and audio setups, to find out which one is better for me and I find it more enjoyable. The first thing I bought was Sennheiser HD599 SE. A dear friend of mine let me had them for a few days and I made my decision. Easy listening and very...
  3. angelmf2704

    Tidal Masters not availabe in all countries

    Hello, something caught my attention the other day. I was reading a WHATHIFI article that talk about the best MQA albums on Tidal. I saw one of my favorite albums there "To pimp a butterfly". Later I searched it on my Tidal app and it was only available in CD quality. It's not a huge deal for...
  4. angelmf2704

    LG V30 or budget DAP

    Hello, recently I purchased a new pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 560s). I'm using a USB DAC with 70+70mw of power to drive the 120 ohms of the 560s. I was thinking of upgrading to a more expensive DAC with more power. Right now I'm using Tidal as my streaming service. I had in mind the Hiby...
  5. Sayeduzzaman Rayan

    Question Good MQA capable DAC under $300 (preferable at/under $200)?

    Hi, I've been looking for a dual-purpose DAC/amp/preamp for my systems. One of them being an IEM, a Campfire Audio IO; and a stereo system: A sony str-dh190 connected to a pair of Fyne Audio F302's Right now, I'm just using the 3.5mm port of my phone and laptop, occasionally using Bluetooth (on...
  6. angelmf2704

    MQA or CD

    Hello, my setup is the next: -Samsung S10e with integrated AKM DAC -Sony WH-1000XM3 wired -Wavelett app MQA is very popular in Tidal, many albums in my library are masters. However I don't consider them to be great on my setup, some CD quality tracks tend to be better for me. I'm aware I'm not...
  7. O

    Why subwoofer won t work when MQA streaming?

    I have Onkyo 8270, Dali zensor 7 and yamaha ns-sw300, streaming on Tidal Hi-FI. Everything great, but streaming in MQA mode subwoofer wont work. Any idea? Onkyo has the last updates.