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  1. The_Lecht_Rocks

    Meze 109 Pro, Sony NW A306 DAP; Headphone [DAC] AMP Advice !

    Hi there...... Apologies if this is a continually asked query....I'm new here...... I have received a lovely comfortable pair of Meze 109 Pro. I [foolishly ??] partnered them with a new Sony NWA306 DAP thinking I'd get a balanced , quality Hi-Res HP experience in my home office......... But I'm...
  2. H

    Am I doing something wrong with my meze 109 pro?

    I am a hifi-noob who has never owned something better than the bose quiet comfort 35 until I ordered the meze 109 pros last week. This seemed like a good headset after the reviews I watched online. I got myself a Tidle subscription and a Fioo K5 DAC/Amp combo thinking this would be a...