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  1. Robn78

    Amp advice

    Just a quick question, I’m looking to pick up an old pioneer a400 at some point soon to replace an old cheap Sony AV receiver I’m currently using. However I’m interested to see what the moden alternatives are that offer the same bang for buck. I have seen a couple of offerings from Cambridge...
  2. S

    Question Help me build my first Hi-Fi (streaming) Set Up!

    Hello lovely Hi-Fi nerds and Audiophiles. I'm moving out into my own apartment in a few months, which means I'll finally have some space for a decent Hi-Fi set-up rather than a Bluetooth speaker and some P.C. Speakers. I've been lurking around Hi-Fi and Audiophile forums for years but have next...
  3. Z

    Speaker for heavy music

    What should I look for in a speaker if my main genre is rock and metal?