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  1. MrPenkwin

    Question Speaker matching old Audiolab?

    Hello, I've owned Hi-Fi for a while now, but still relatively young in the learning stage. For the past two years I've owned an old Audiolab 8000Q and 8000PX pre/power combo paired with MA Silver 300 speakers (yes, I'm aware the two aren't a great match) and unless I'm playing electronic music...
  2. G

    Advice Sought On Matching Old Amp With New Speakers

    After days checking various speakers and amps across the internet I've opted (for now at least) to stay with my very matured Pioneer A107. But I'm considering upgrading my speakers. My amp specs are: Continuous power output (both channels driven at 20 Hz to 20 kHz)** T.H.D. 0.1 %, 8 Ω...