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  1. niceguy_jay

    About KEF LS50 wireless(MK1 = LS50 wireless 1, MK2 = LS50 wireless 2???)

    Hello~ I have KEF LS50 wireless 1 (Not wireless 2) I heard that it has 2 kinds models.(MK1 and MK2) How can i distinguish them? model name? shape? back cover? serial number? (MK1 = LS50 wireless 1, MK2 = LS50 wireless 2, Am i right?) Thanks in advance.
  2. Snootnoot

    Question Best amp/intergrated for bose 301 iv?

    Don't hate me, these sound better than Ls50's in my room, that being said I'm looking for either an amp or integrated that i can get for less that 300 CAD used. Digital in/out isn't a necessity .
  3. L

    Kef LS50 original (ex-demo) vs. LS50 Meta (new)

    I've found a local shop which sells both LS50's (Meta and original version), but with the original version in an ex-demo pair for half the price of the new LS50 Meta . The guys told me, despite the marketing buzz, the difference in sound quality is not that significant, and becomes more...
  4. Shillocks

    Kef LS50 wireless 1 Vs 2?

    What with the recent generous price reduction in the original LS50 wireless, I was wondering if people who may have heard both setups believe that the new version is worth the extra £1000? They both have rave reviews and after hearing the wireless 2's I can understand why. However £1000 is quite...
  5. C

    Pairing ATC SCM11s with Tube Gear (Fisher 400) ?

    After swapping and testing numerous integrated tube amps (the list is long...), I finally settled for a beautiful Fisher 400. The question is now, which speakers??? LS3/5a, JR149, KEF LS50 and ATC SCM11s are receiving rave reviews but these like to be paired with powerful amps. I was wondering...