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  1. Germán M.

    Recommendations for Integrated Amp with only amp and preamp

    Hi everyone, greetings from Lima -Peru! I'm looking to buy a new integrated amplifier. However, I do not need a DAC or Phono Stage since I will be streaming from a separate device. I think I can get the best run for my money with an amp like that. I'm currently looking at the McIntosh MA252...
  2. ManFromKathmandu

    Question Need help connecting my integrated amp to the TV

    So I recently bought the Denon PMA600NE integrated amplifier for vinyl purposes. But it also has a great DAC and I thought I could connect it to my TV as well. But the problem is, my TV (Mi Horizon 4A) does not have digital out. It only has one SPDIF out which I am connecting to a small...